Foods to Avoid When You Have the Flu

Ugh, the flu. Who among us doesn’t dread those cold winter months when every cough from a child or co-worker has us covering our faces and reaching for the hand sanitizer? The flu passes easily from person to person and comes with painful symptoms including headache, chills, fever, body aches, cough, and runny nose.

Nausea and vomiting may or may not be part of the flu, and honestly, you might not feel like eating much anyway. But the old advice to “starve a fever” is not accurate – it’s still important to get ample nutrition while you have the flu to give your body the necessary strength to fight off the virus. Some foods are great for this, but others may actually make symptoms worse and extend the length of your illness. To bounce back more quickly this year, follow our tips for eating with the flu.

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