Foods That Cause Bloating

Feeling like a hot air balloon without a release switch isn’t fun for anyone. Yes, being bloated is the pits, and for an estimated 31% of respondents in a widely cited survey of the US population, met Rome I criteria for functional bloating. This means that 31 percent of the population surveyed have functional GI disorders that include bloating.

What is a functional GI disorder?

To further help you understand this, it is important to note that a functional GI disorder are disorders within a person’s gastrointestinal tract that are not structural or cannot be found on an x-ray or otherwise as clear bodily abnormalities. However, these issues are reported by patients in relatively high amounts — over a third of the population.

With these case reportings, many are searching for answers in one of the most obvious places: their diet. And here are some foods that may prove to guilty of making millions feel bloated.

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