Foods to Avoid With Braces

Braces can definitely be a pain – literally. All those wires and pieces of metal in your mouth, just pushing away at your teeth, can cause some major soreness. Even worse is when food gets stuck in your braces, or actually damages the wires in such a way that you have one poking the inside of your mouth. It’s also more difficult to brush and floss with braces, but the end result is worth all the trouble.

We have broken down for you the foods you should avoid with braces and those that just require a little extra attention when eating. We want you to keep loving life while you’re working on that winning smile!

Foods and Drinks to Avoid Entirely

Chewy and sticky foods are pretty much the worst for your braces, as are things that are super crunchy. It may be hard to avoid these goodies at first, but just remember that every time you break a wire you’ll be back at the orthodontist for repairs. And, it’ll be that much longer until you are finally done with braces for good.

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