Food to Eat Before Running

New runners have a lot to think about as they are getting into the game, such as buying the best clothes, shoes, and fitness tracker to outfit themselves. They may also wonder about to what to eat before hitting the pavement.

After all, looking good and having the very best tech doesn’t do much good if you pass out exhausted in the first mile, or end up having to buy something at the gas station in order to use its bathroom for an embarrassing emergency.

As with many things, the answer to what to eat before a run depends on finding a healthy balance. You don’t want to be either starving or stuffed when you start running.

A full stomach is likely to cause extremely painful side stitches but running hungry is going to leave you feeling weak and woozy. Instead, the goal should be to eat a light meal or snack about 1 ½ to 3 hours before heading out the door.

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