Food to Eat with Migraine

Anyone who suffers from migraines will tell you they’d do just about anything to avoid getting one. Sometimes the cause is hormonal or stress-related, but diet can also play a big part.

The foods most likely to spark a migraine are wheat, milk, cheese, chocolate, coffee, sugar, peanuts, pork, and chemical additives and preservatives, but specific triggers are different for everyone. Unrecognized food allergies are thought to be behind many migraines.

Because nausea and vomiting are often part of the migraine experience, many sufferers don’t really want to eat during one. However, staying nourished and hydrated can sometimes help to alleviate symptoms.

Skipping or delaying meals has also been tied to the onset of migraines, and you may even benefit from a bedtime snack to help keep glucose levels steady throughout the night. Stick with us to get armed with the knowledge of the best foods to eat, and when to eat them, to fight that nasty migraine.

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