Food to Eat Before Bed

Traditional wisdom says that we shouldn’t eat before bed, but that’s not necessarily true. The myth that food eaten before bed will sit in your stomach all night and promote weight gain is actually false.

And you also aren’t likely to be kept awake by your body’s efforts at digestion – you can do all your other daily activities while digesting, after all.

Some dieticians are now recommending that you go ahead and make a habit of having a healthy bedtime snack in order to keep your blood sugar levels steady and provide the energy necessary to keep burning fat and rebuilding muscle all night long.

Eating before bed can help you fall asleep, as well. Feelings of hunger and a craving for food can be uncomfortable and distracting enough to keep us up.

Now, the wrong foods before bed can be troublesome. But as long as you make a good choice, there’s no reason not to have a little bedtime snack. Following are the five best choices for a nighttime nibble.


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