Food to Eat on a Hot Day(2)

Summertime Problem: Too Hot to Cook

Salads are hugely popular summer meals. For starters, they require very little heat, only what it takes to cook any protein you plan to add.

As a cheat, you can cook up some chicken, fish, or lean steak first thing in the morning when it’s cooler, and simply refrigerate it until you’re ready to make dinner. Salads are also infinitely customizable, and done thoughtfully, contain all the protein, produce, and healthy fat required in a rounded meal, all in one bowl.

Another great choice is sandwiches, also highly customizable and delicious cold. For example, the classic BLT with avocado is refreshing and filling yet requires very little heat to prepare.

Bacon actually cooks very nicely in the microwave, or you can buy pre-cooked bacon during the summer. Toasting bread does require some heat, but you generally don’t need to stand over a toaster while it’s working.

There are many more delicious summer sandwich recipes, something to suit every fancy. Put out some fruit with your sandwich, and you’ve got a great summer meal.

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